Case study – New legislation drives Dubai-based campaign

In November 2015 the Government of Dubai published a new Public-Private Partnership law, to allow it to access private sector funding to fund major infrastructure projects in the run up to Expo 2020. The new law is expected to generate significant project activity and to attract substantial interest from foreign investors.

Whilst PPP structures have previously been used successfully in the UAE, such as the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, and in the power and water sectors in IPPs in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai, market participants expect the PPP Law to boost private sector and inward investment in major projects in the region.

Objective: Our brief was to showcase our law firm client’s expertise in infrastructure in the Middle East.

Strategy: We examined the impact that the introduction of the new law would have on existing and proposed projects. We drafted article synopses outlining how government entities would use PPPs to develop major infrastructure projects as well as the impact on bidding processes, Government approvals, licensing and other considerations.

Result: We obtained commissions from target publications in the construction, projects, business and legal sectors including Construction Business News, Construction Week, European and Middle East Outlook, Gulf Business, Infrastructure Investor, Big Project Middle East, The Lawyers Chronicle.


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