Archive | August, 2020

Stop fraud spreading

This feature by our client for members of the Institute of Financial Accountants looks at the risks of any particular frauds that are rising in prevalence at the moment, how accountants can spot the signs in their practice or among clients and gives advice on safeguarding them and their clients.

Clarity and transparency now provided for the sentencing of offenders with mental disorders, developmental disorders or neurological impairments

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted on us all to differing degrees and presented extra challenges. One aspect, experienced by many, is the affect that the enforced changes to our daily lives have had on our mental health. Courts have often struggled to effectively deal with those who fall into this group of offenders. In this […]

Can I “Work From Home” in Another Country?

This article by a Brackenbury client provides guidance to employers from the UK on the potential  legal issues associated with the increase in employees asking if they can work from ‘home’ for an extended period in an overseas country, for example, because it is their home nation or their family is based there. The article […]

Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology

Following the recent excitement surrounding technologies such as CAR-T therapy and CRISPR, the focus on targeted therapeutics looks set to progress in 2020. This year is likely to witness a continued drive towards personalised medicine within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, together with an increased focus on developing the data capture and analytics capabilities necessary for these […]