Examining Bishop Wiseman’s recent prosecution for selling a ‘plague protection kit’ for COVID 19


Brackenbury's client artical in Open Access Government examines Bishop Wiseman's recent prosecution for selling a 'plague protection kit' for COVID 19. Should the case go to trial, it will raise questions for the Court on the thresholds to be met for fraud and other offences, where religious beliefs are implicated as well as religious freedom, consumer protection, and the regulation of medicines.

Bishop Climate Wiseman of Kingdom Church in the UK recently appeared at Inner London Crown Court on fraud charges following a Trading Standards investigation by Southwark Council. It was reported that he was selling a “plague protection kit”, making untrue and misleading claims related to the efficacy of the kits to “treat, prevent, protect against or cure” COVID-19.  The article published in Open Access Government discusses the case and looks at how far the law can go in judging religious beliefs, particularly where dishonesty is alleged.

You can read the full article here.