Strengthening your IP strategy to protect against infringement

This article titled ‘Enforcement and funding: Strengthening your IP strategy to protect against infringement’ provides an outline of areas including:



  • Enforcement and guidance on the most common litigation claims if a business believes their IP rights have been infringed
  • If a business has IP rights registered in multiple jurisdictions, factors to consider when strategising an infringement dispute and where to take the action since litigation disputes are held on a national basis
  • Funding – taking legal action to enforce IP rights can be very costly, so it is wise to consider how to fund this. Being unable to take legal action due to the excessive cost of litigation can often lead to reputational and financial harm. One way to address this is investing in IP insurance – the piece would provide an outline of the various types available
  • Who is in control of the litigation (i.e. the business or the insurance company)
  • Whether a business can choose their legal representative
  • In patent disputes, whether a business has much say in terms of control of claim amendments
  • The conditions under which a business can rely on the IP insurance

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